Raven Gets a Life

Sometimes life just sucks….even when you are dead.

Eternally trapped in the body of a 12-year-old girl, Raven, a 150-year-old vampire, is diagnosed with manic depression and seeks solace from prescription drugs, Bela Lugosi and the Grim Reaper.

Raven Gets a Life has been officially selected to screen at over 30 festivals worldwide.

“Utterly charming!”

~Dark Romance Magazine

I Spit on Eli Roth

Once upon a time 3 female filmmakers were lamenting the current state of the male-dominated horror genre over cosmopolitans at the annual Genghis Con convention when inspiration, propelled by a good vodka buzz, struck…

“Hey, why don’t we make a feminist horror film?” they mused.

The three in question were Paula [...]

Meat is Murder

Synopsis: So like this mysterious meatloaf in the icebox is like killing people maybe…Bummer.

Meat is Murder takes a post-modern satirical perspective of the deluge of unnatural, processed foods and hyper-consumerism in our society. Combining elements of Ionescoe’s absurdist brand of existentialism and a contemporary Brechtian approach to storytelling (replacing [...]

Teenage Bikini Vampire

We had so much fun making the short, that Devi has written feature-length version which has already placed as a first round winner in the 20/20 screenplay competition, a quarter-finalist in the Austin Heart of Film screenplay competition, a finalist in the Red Inkworks Screenplay Competition, an honorable mention in the A Feeding [...]


In 2005, six friends road-tripped to a remote cabin in the woods with deadly results.  A year later, the sole survivor met directrix Devi Snively in a bar and offered the rights to his story for a case of beer and a role in the movie. trippin’ is that movie.

So prepare yourself for a little sex, [...]

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