Bride of Frankie: (Fresh Voices 3rd Place Sci-fi / Top 10 Comedy Finalist) Logline: In 1937, a scientist exposes her unorthodox romance with her Bride-of-Frankenstein creature and must escape a sanitarium to rescue her lover from a freak show.

God Save the Prom Queen: (PAGE Awards, Top 10 Finalist) Logline: Haunted by a murdered cheerleader, a punk rock girl must stop the mystery killer targeting prom queen nominees, even if it means her own death, or worse — attending the prom!

Ay, Chihuahua!: (Slamdance Top 10, PAGE Awards Top 10 finalist)  Logline: When a wallflower and a male stripper accidentally squash his girlfriend’s ornery chihuahua, their covert quest to replace the critter launches a spiraling crime spree, complicated by rabies, S&M and…true love!

The Art of Suicide: (Nichol Fellowship Quarter-finalist) Logline: Mona is taken hostage by Neil, who demands she write her life story before she commits suicide, but they fall in love before she can finish, complicating his life and her death.

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.
-Ray Bradbury