Devi is a proud alumnus of AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women and selected participant to the 2017 inaugural AFI/Fox Studios Bridge Program. Her screenplays have earned honors in the Nichol Fellowships, Slamdance, Cinestory and PAGE Awards, and her films have screened at over 500 festivals worldwide, garnering 60+ awards, critical acclaim and distribution. When she’s not writing or making films, she enjoys teaching her horror film course at the University of Notre Dame and chasing monkeys around the world with her anthropologist partner.

“Please, please, someone give this (wo)man a gob of money to make a feature!!” ~ SpookyDan,

“Devi Snively is probably one of the most recognizable horror directors in that her films have a very distinct look and feel; somwhere between early silent films and rock videos.~Heidi Martinuzzi, Film Threat

“I know it’s corny to describe a filmmaker as a ‘talent worth keeping an eye on,’ but that phrase is tailor made for Ms. Snively.” ~Peter Guitierrez, Film-Forward

The artist is the medium between his fantasies and the rest of the world.
-Federico Fellini