Meet Devi

With film titles such as Teenage Bikini Vampire and Confederate Zombie Massacre! it’s no wonder writer/directrix Devi Snively’s signature “romantic musical horror comedy” genre has been likened to everything from the silent classics of Buster Keaton to EC Comics to Tim Burton and beyond.  With Death In Charge she continues to explore themes of life and death with playful irony.

Devi (pronounced DAY-vee) is an adjunct professor at the University of Notre Dame where she teaches her always over-enrolled course “Cultures of Fear:  Anthropological Perspectives of the Horror Film”.  She has worked professionally as a ballerina, Spanish translator, hair model, book editor, video game writer, documentary filmmaker, newspaper columnist and video editor.  She’s been decidedly unprofessional in several other careers.

A selected participant to the prestigious AFI Directing Workshop For Women (DWW), she’s written multiple feature-length screenplays, directed 11 short films, a feature-length documentary, and feature-length narrative, trippin’.  Her films have been officially selected to screen at over 200 festivals worldwide and garnered numerous awards, distribution and critical acclaim:

“Please, please, someone give this (wo)man a gob of money to make a feature!!”
~ SpookyDan,

“If schlock cinema needs a queen, then bow down to Devi Snively, may her reign be strong.”
~ Tex Massacre, Hacker’s Source Magazine

“Devi Snively is probably one of the most recognizable horror directors in that her films have a very distinct look and feel; somewhere between early silent films and rock videos.”
~ Heidi Martinuzzi, Film Threat /

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